AHB Playdough FAQ

You Asked, We Answered

What size are the jars?
A.H.B Dough comes in a jar of 200 gram. It can be comfortably play amongst 1-2 kids.
We do have a bundle sets where it comes in a smaller size of 100 grams for each colour. This set is popular for customers who wanted to try our dough for the first time. 
For party sets, please contact us and we are able to customize for you. 
What are the ingredients used?
Taste-safe Flour, Cream of Tartar, Salt, Water, Oil, Food Colouring and Essential Oils are used in producing A.H.B Dough. As much as our A.H.B Dough are taste-safe, we do not recommend them to be consumed.
For limited edition dough, seasonal items are added accordingly. Seasonal items used will be listed at each product page. 
Product Care
A.H.B Dough are freshly made upon order received. Play with it often and store it back in the sealed jar after play. Keep in a cool dark place. If dough dries, add a few drops of water and give it a good knead to restore softness.
With proper care, A.H.B Dough can be kept up to 6 months. 
What is the material of jars?
A.H.B Dough are stored in eco friendly PET plastic jars. So you won't have to worry about your child dropping and breaking it.
The colour of my dough is slightly different from the website
We work hard to maintain the consistency of our dough colours. However, there could be slight variation as each batch are freshly made upon order received. Also, weather during delivery would be one of the factor for the variation.